X: The Human Condition Live


“The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”
– Charles DuBois

Synthesizing music, film, and an unforgettable live experience, this innovative indie band, X: THC is evolving and redefining how a live show is presented and experienced within the model of the music industry.

The immersive, live concert performance is accompanied by X: THC”s original film, X: The Human Condition, whose wistful and mysterious imagery creates an utterly unique and uplifting experience. Citing Tim Burton, Michel Gondry, Jean Cocteau, and The Brothers Grimm as major influences, X: THC’s visual companion to the performance is a surrealistic, psychological trip inside the human subconscious.

The music of X: The Human Condition has been featured on board Continental Airlines, on Mexican TV’s Las Trampas del Deseo, in rotation on many worldwide online radio stations, and on over 100 U.S. college radio stations. The “little indie project that could” has received rave reviews globally, from as far as Australia, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Argentina, Germany, Columbia, The Virgin Islands, Mexico, Poland, Brazil, Albania, Russia, Hungary, Latvia, The UK, Peru, and Japan.

X: THC are probably the kind of band that you’d enjoy so much you would want to keep them to yourself, only you won’t be able to, because you’re so damned excited about the music…”

SphereMag, UK

The haunting and hypnotic melodies plus the dark yet uplifting film seem to remain in your thoughts long after you’ve finished them.”


“May build on many of the stepping stones of the past, but is definitely an album and concept that treads towards the future, and new possibilities in ways that many artists have not even started to consider…

Slowdivemusic Blog

“It is more than just an album, it is an audio-visual assault on your senses….a brilliant work of art.”

-TheScene, AU

“Deeply and genuinely moving”

“X: The Human Condition is an emotionally cataclysmic event that will resonate in your subconscious for weeks. In a world where live action accompanied by video stimulus is the new trend…Michael Nova’s avant-garde production remains unparalleled.”

UnratedNYC Magazine 

“The realization of X: The Human Condition is absolutely remarkable…a fascinating experience”

-Side-Line Music Magazine


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