Rise Up Eight

The website features interviews with celebrities and non-celebrities worldwide who are overcoming adversity and succeeding in life.

Inspired by Michael Nova’s own struggles with adversity, as the next step in exploring the human condition after X: The Human Condition, he created the website to help spread other inspiring stories of resilience. The website has now become a worldwide forum of inspiration.

 “X: The Human Condition”

X-THC cmj

The film and music multimedia project, X: The Human Condition was the beginning of a journey that became something completely unexpected.

At the beginning of this journey, the project was meant to inspire people with the message, “You Are Not Alone”, but through the process of the creation of the film and the album, the road traveled became one fraught with twists and turns that deepened and expanded the meaning of the project.

Labelled as an “impossible” project, X: THC proved the experts of the music industry wrong, releasing X: The Human Condition to rave reviews globally.

As Michael fought off numerous monetary, life, and health issues, it became apparent that the “message in a bottle” of X: The Human Condition was transforming into something else, something that would touch people on a larger scale.

And paradoxically, that is what the human condition is all about. You can read the full story of the making of X: The Human Condition here.

After his recovery, and with a new sense of purpose, Michael then took it upon himself to create the aforementioned website,, where he began interviewing other people all who have also overcome the “impossible” to succeed.

In November 2018, the film X: The Human Condition began playing in retail chains, restaurants and bars nationwide.

In May of 2019, the film was chosen to be featured on Amazon prime video in all English fluent speaking countries around the world. You can watch the film in its entirety here.

The New X: THC Album

Fall Down Seven Times Rise Up EightThis inspiring story continues later this year, when Hypnotical Entertainment will release X: THC’s long-awaited follow up album Fall Down Seven Times Rise Up Eight. The album chronicles the recovery, the celebration of the launching of the Rise Up Eight website and the never give up philosophy of X: THC.

Chris (Ninjaboy) Liang and Michael Nova put forth more of a collaborative “next-level” production, taking a new turn, living in that undefined space between darkness and light, yet ultimately creating a celebration out of their inspiration.

Paying homage to New Wave, Blue-Eyed Soul, Post-Punk and Electronica, but adding their own seductive, hypnotic flavor, they create songs that stick in your mind like deja-vu, yet feel completely new.

The tracks feature music that is at once both throwback and current sounding with atmospheric keyboards, soaring guitars, and catchy hooks along with the haunting vocals and timeless, meaningful lyrics that the group is known for.