“Empowering People Through Music and Film”


Hypnotical Entertainment was founded on the principle that art is more than something pretty to look at. We create art that makes a difference in the world by inspiring people to make this world a better place…

The Rise Up Eight website

Featuring interviews with people overcoming adversity and succeeding in life, the website, RiseUpEight.org continues the exploration of the human condition that X: THC began with the music and film multimedia release, X: The Human Condition. Interviewing both celebrities and non-celebrities alike, this community website inspires on a daily basis.

The new album – X: THC

On their inspiring followup album release Fall Down Seven Times Rise Up Eight, the new music group, X: THC takes a new turn, living in that undefined space between darkness and light, yet ultimately creating a celebration out of their inspiration. Paying homage to New Wave, Blue-Eyed Soul, Post-Punk and Electronica, but adding their own seductive, hypnotic flavor, they create songs that stick in your mind like deja-vu, yet feel completely new.

X: The Human Condition – X: THC

The Music And Film Multi-Media Experience

Part electronic pop music, part performance art, the self-titled debut multimedia project of X: THC unveiled a style that evolved how music is presented and experienced in the new music industry.

More than just something pretty to look at, the inspiring film / music performance has struck an emotional chord with audiences. With the goal of inspiring people through music & film, the story behind X: The Human Condition became an inspiration in itself, as its creator triumphed over near-permanent blindness, financial difficulties, and widespread industry belief that the project was “impossible”…

Instead, the impossible “little indie project that could” has received rave reviews globally, from Australia to Europe, South America, North America and Asia.

WATCH THE FILM NOW on Amazon Prime Video at bit.ly/xthehumancondition

Rave Reviews…