Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight

Fall down seven times, rise up eight

Hypnotical Entertainment will release “Seasons,” the first single from multimedia group X: THC’s second album, Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight this fall.  Continuing its track record of evolving how music is presented and experienced in the new music industry, X: THC will release the album exclusively online in stages, one song at a time.   The album, co-written and co-produced by Michael Nova and Chris (Ninjaboy) Liang, is X: THC’s first release since their innovative film and music multimedia CD/DVD package X: The Human Condition in 2010.  The new release will be preceded by a special online release of the debut film X: The Human Condition in a series of ten music video webisode chapters.

The lead track, “Seasons,” features a new wave electronic pop vibe that is at once both throwback and current sounding with atmospheric keyboards, soaring guitars, and catchy hooks along with the haunting vocals and timeless, meaningful lyrics that the group is known for. It will kick off the countdown to the release of Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight.